doing your thing.

From an early age we were encouraged to become anything our hearts desired to be. In this part of our lives, we begin to explore the world around us and come to find out some of our interests, passions, and wants. Once we have hit our prime years of becoming a teen, we act on the things we have come to learn. Finding what we truly desire to do, acting on it, and expressing ourselves by something we love and making it our own.

Every single person has their own hobbies. Whether it’s dancing, singing, working out or blogging, we each have something we enjoy doing. A hobby that I’ve recently started is blogging (obviously). I’ve always had an interest in writing, and I’ve realized this is something that I enjoy doing. So I thought, “Why not start a blog? This is something I really like, and I’m sure I’d enjoy it.” So here I am starting this hobby and seeing where it takes me down the road.

Come to finding your likes and dislikes, you begin to find your passions. Usually these passions are already buried deep in your heart. What do you feel strongly about? Find it, act on it, and begin doing your thing.